I make apps for Android as a hobbiest/independant developer. I have a day job as a software professional and am slow and methodical in producing mobile apps. I plan to craft the apps I ship. You wont find any beer pouring or fart apps here.

My aim is to create applications for the Android OS that explore of the uniqueness and intimacy of the mobile device platform as a personal utility and entertainment platform.


The aspects of mobile computing I am most interested in exploring are:
  • Always available. Only a pocket or purse reach away. Frequently connected (3G, 4G, wi-fi)
  • Haptic, orientation sensing and non-traditional user experience controls.
  • Multiple form factors running a common OS.
  • Augmented reality. Incorporating device sensor information into the user experience. Overlaying application information on top of environment information.
  • Social aspects of mobile applications. You brought your device, I brought mine, lets play...or pick up the game where we left off. Our proximity and discoverability drives game play.
Much of my work will probably be useless. Some of it will be gratuitous. A small percentage will hopefully be worthy of chuckle, a good review, or blessed with a home on your device.

I am solely focused on Android development and do not plan to develop for iPhone/iPad/Symbian or other non-open source supported mobile paltforms at this time.


Email: info@sense8.mobi.
Tel: 818-209-5226
Location: somewhere in Southern California, USA

Visit the development blog for feedback, glipses of work in progress and announcements of beta releases.


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