Available Apps

My small but growing stable of Android apps are as follows. Give them a spin.

If you've blessed one of my apps with a home on your device, please feel free to pass along some feeback, good or bad, about your experience with it.


Augmented Reality Sniper Simulator

Use your device's camera to shoot real-world targets. Realtime detection of humanoid targets. Multiple scope crosshair styles. Dynamic blood splats. Indispensable for enduring long meetings or insufferable roommates.
Available in both Free and Full editions.


Color sampling and curation for graphic designers, artists and web developers

Use your device's camera to sample colors in RGB, HSV, HSL, CMYK and Hex(web) values. Speaks color names and families. Save sampled colors into collections for later reference. Includes white balance and flash controls.
Available in both Free and Pro editions.

Wishing for Something Else?

Cant find an app that someone should have thought of by now?

Have an idea for an app but need a hand putting it together?

Are you an up and coming graphic artist, magna artist, 3D animator, audio engineer or other creative type and have some works you'd like to see used gratuitously in mobile apps?

Conact me. If they idea is zany enough I might just be willing to lend a hand.

About Sense8

Independant mobile application developer. Focused on shipping useful, fun or just plain bizzare apps.

Please direct questions regarding software support issues, including install and uninstall problems, bugs, etc. to support@sense8.mobi


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